Our Products

Ureteral Stents


PTFE coated, one side stiff, one side flexible made of aliphatic polyurethane (Tecoflex®).

(Standard, Multi loop, Pediatric, Renal Transplant, Intra Operative, Mono-J, Ureterorenoscope, Tumor Long-life, Hydrophilic, Anti-Bacteria, Groove Type).

Set consist of stent, pusher, suture & clamp.

Sizes: Fr 4.7, Fr 5, Fr 6, Fr 7, Fr 8

Nephrostomy Sets


A convenient complete set for percutaneous placement of drainage set design. Soft polyurethane material. Highly radiopaque for precise placement. 

(Pigtail, Malecot, Integral, with locking mechanism).

Set consist of Drainage catheter, guidewire J-tip, puncture needle, fascial dilators & urine bag connector.


Grasping Forceps


To remove implanted stents or foreign bodies

Flexible (3-Prong, single use, Nitinol and Nylon66) or Metallic-stiff (2-Prong, reusable, Made of stainless steel SS304)

Sizes: Flexible: Fr 3, Fr 4, Reusable: Fr 6


Stone Basket


Standard or with reinforced tube, Tube made of PTFE or polyamide

Basket and wire made of Nitinol

Types: Helical, Flat wire, Tip less.

Sizes: Fr 3, Fr 4 & for Flexible Ureterorenoscope (1.8, 2.4)




Wide range of Catheters for different urological procedures Made of PEBAX Tecoflex® USA, 100% silicon, Silicon elastomer, hydrophilic coated catheters.

Types: Ureteral catheters, Hematuria catheters, Do it yourself catheter, 2-way or 3-way catheters.

Sizes: Ranges from (Fr 6- Fr 24) according to the type of the catheter.

Lumen: single way, two-way or three-way catheter


Suprapubic Drainage


Trocar type: Normal Trocar or Metal Trocar    

Catheter: silicon catheter or pigtail drainage catheter.

Sizes: Fr 10, Fr 12, Fr 14, Fr 16, Fr 18

Sets consist of: 2-way silicon or pigtail catheter, Scalpel, Trocar and Sleeve




Used for progressive dilation of the Urethra, Ureters, nephrostomy tract.

Urethral dilators (Nottingham One-Step Dilator, Female, Male Dilator, Urethra Dilator Set)

Ureteral dilators (Fascial Dilators, Ureter Dilator Set, Ureteral Balloon-Dilator)

Nephrostomy dilators (Amplatz Renal Dilation Set, Telescope PCNL, Mini PCNL, Nephrostomy Track Balloon-Dilator)




A wide range of one side stiff - one side flexible Guidewires of Hydrophilic or PTFE coated.

Types: Stainless Steel, Nitinol Super Guidewires, Nitinol Cobra Guidewire

Tip: straight or angled tip.

Sizes: 0.032", 0.035", 0.038"


TUR Electrodes


Different type of TUR electrodes compatible with (STORZ, OLYMPUS, WOLF) 

Single Stem, Double Stem, Mono-Bipolar.

Types: Sphere, Cutting, Necklace, Cold Knife, Roller, Collins, Spike Roller Electrode.


Sizes: 24Fr, 26F




The Stone Braker for Kidney-, Ureter- and Bladder Stones, Pneumatic runs on Oxygen Cylinder, Central Oxygen supply or Air Compressor

Power and speed adjustments, High speed Microprocessor, Full digital system, Light-weight aluminum headpiece, with suction tube availability.

Probes: 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm




We are providing other devices used in urological procedures like:

Inflation Device, Bladder Irrigation set, TUR-Collector, Ellick Bladder Evacuator, Lubricant Catheter Gel, Sterile Liquid with 10% Glycerin, Catheter Valve/Catheter Plug, , Nephrology Stylet Catheter Peritoneal Dialysis set).