Radiation protection


Personal Protection


Protection for medical staff and specialized radiography departments:

  • Lead aprons and Thyroid collars.
  • Vests, skirts or coats.
  • Mittens (open palms and thumbs).
  • Shields and drapes.
  • Flint glass.
  • Lead glasses.

Protective apparels for patients:

  • Half aprons.
  • Covers and screens.

Personal dosimeter(Instadose+®)


Helps Radiation Safety Officers (RSO) save time managing dosimetry programs by:

  • Eliminating the badge collection process.
  • Increasing compliance.
  • Tracking and controlling dose for high risk employees.
  • Reading intervals set for dose trending.

  • Alerting e-mails sent when a dose exceeds a user specified level.
  • Instadose + dosimeters use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Technology to transmit dose data.

A configurable calendar is used to set automatic read dates.