Ultrasound Machines and Supplies


Ultrasound Machine

  • New, Used & Refurbished Machines.
  • Shared Ultrasound Machine.
  • Women’s Health Ultrasound Machine.
  • Cardiac Ultrasound Machine.
  • Versatile Portable Ultrasound Machine
  • Ultrasounds from the top manufacturers.
  • Best customer support in the industry.


Ultrasound probes

  • High-tech transducers help to provide exceptional image quality
  • broad range of transducers are available to meet the needs of your specialty.  


Ultrasound Parts and Supplies

Parts and Supplies to keep your clinic running

Video-Graphic Printers

  • Sony Black & White Video Graphic Printer 
  • Sony Digital Color Video Printer

Video-Graphic Papers

  • High Density, Glossy Black & White Paper
  • SONY Color Printing Pack 

Probe Covers

  • Sterile, Non-Sterile Ultrasound Probe Covers

Ultrasound Gel and Gel Warmer

  • Single or Double Gel Warmer
  • Sterile or non-sterile Gel.