X-Ray Solutions


X-ray Machines



  • Different type of high-performance generator based on its own high frequency technology
  • The 4 ways table is smooth, and effortless to float, and consisted with heavy-duty structure
  • With Fully counter-balanced, the floor mounted tube stand can travel along with the rail, and rotate 360 degree for any axial projections
  • Wall bucky stand with electromagnetic lock for easy positioning
  • User-friendly flat surface control panel
  • Anatomical programming (APR) by morphology, view and body part (Reprogrammable APR)
  • Modular design that saving space to fit into virtually any clinical environment
  • Available in both Analog and Digital (DR) version.

it can also be custom-configured to your specific clinical requirements, including chest, spine, complete skeletal, abdominal, urological and studies.



A straight arm DR equipped with one fixed type 17x17 FPD provides high quality images in order to meet general and specialized diagnostic needs.

  • Different type of high-performance generator based on its own high frequency technology
  • Collapsible stand for compact installation space
  • User-friendly flat surface control panel
  • Lock sensor operates automatically by hand grip
  • SID & ANGLE display on LCD touch screen
  • Motorized up/down & SID control
  • Auto focusing by motor control
  • Anatomical programming (APR) by morphology, view and body part (Reprogrammable APR)
  • Easy installation and operation in a clinic or a vehicle
  • User friendly LCD console for fast workflow

Unique designed straight arm enables all types of diagnostic procedures from chest to table examination in small practices or primary / urgent care institutions.

Mobile X-ray Machine

ULTRA 200 / 200A

5kW Mobile X-ray unit-Compact, Smooth and Powerful (110kV, 200mAs) ULTRA 200 / 200A will be an answer for your long-term question on portable X-ray.

  • 5kW Monobloc (110kV/200mAs)
  • Power Selection
      -ULTRA 200: Rechargeable battery powered

      -ULTRA 200A: AC line powered
  • Free Stop Tube Arm
  • 180˚ Lateral Moving Arm
  • 360˚ rotational four wheels with free spinning motion
  • Auto SID display
  • Motorized Collimator
  • Free stop tube arm for fast and accurate patient positioning
  • LCD Touch screen with simple UI
  • Motorized Collimator by Ultrasonic sensor
  • Available in both Analog and Digital (DR) version.

Get an ideal X-ray solution for your ER purposes as well as a secondary mobile choice.

Fluoroscopy Machine

  • It is designed to provide fast and reliable performance for a wide variety of radiological examinations.
  • To meet the needs, there is both conventional and digital solutions.
  • The digital remote-controlled table with dynamic flat panel allows to make fluoroscopy and radiography examinations.
  • It is conventional table allows different cassette sizes.
  • It can be upgrade to digital with flat panel cassette.
  • The table is equipped with a 9 or 12.60 inches image intensifier.
  • This remote-controlled table can be equipped with a 400 kHz high frequency generator that delivers 50, 65 or 80 kW.


Fluorography (T.B screening unit)

  • Digital chest screening unit is the best solution for low-dose preventive examination of the chest.
  • Reduction of the amount of scattered radiation from 70 % to 3 %.
  • The silicic linear detector does not need periodic maintenance.
  • X-ray protective cabin made of modern composite materials lowers personnel radiation exposure practically to the natural level.
  • Installation of the system in a room with no special X-ray protection and decreases staff radiation exposure many times.
  • High frequency generator is connected to a 220 V single-phase network.
  • More than 60patients/hr. patient throughput with a scanning time of 5 seconds.